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    SAA Latest Covid Position 5th Jan 2021


    All clubs should now remain closed for all but essential maintenance and even then only with the land owners permission. We are in contact with Sport Scotland and will post any updates as soon as we receive them.

  • Covid -19 Update   4 /01/21

    The Scottish government announced today, effective from midnight tonight, mainland Scotland is moving out of Level 4 into a new temporary level of lockdown & has issued new “stay at home” guidance which also becomes Law at midnight.

    Non-Contact sport was permitted under level 4, unfortunately now we have left level 4 and in the absence of any guidance use of the flying field is restricted to a maximum of 2 people from 2 households until further notice. This measure is due for review on the 1st of February.

    Within the new lock down the maximum permittable persons allowed on site is 2 people from 2 different households. The new legislation also states you are not permitted to leave your house without reasonable excuse. A full list of acceptable reasonable excuses can be obtained directly from stay at home guidance page.

    Within the list of acceptable excuses is

    Local outdoor recreation, sport or exercise, walking, cycling, golf, or running that starts and finishes in the same place (Which can be up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area) as long as you abide by the rules on meeting other households.

    We hope to be able to put something in place over the next couple of days which will enable some use of the field albeit limited.

  • update 20/11/20

    20th November 2020
    Dear Secretary / Contest Director / Country Member / Club Member
    Firstly thank you for your continued support in preventing the spread of the virus. If you have any questions
    regarding this or previous information releases please contact our Covid Officer at
    We have received an updated guidance template from SportScotland and have reviewed the changes.
    Please see the latest version of their document covering sport here which includes the rules on travel which
    members MUST read and use as the basis of any continued flying at our model clubs.
    We are asking all members in Level3 and Level 4 areas to take time to consider whether they actually need
    to go flying at this time. Remember the travel arrangements are no longer a form of guidance but now
    enshrined in law, so please think about how important flying is to you if you are in a Level 3 or 4 area. The
    emphasis is on “Essential Travel” so the journey to carry out the activity that you are leaving your Local
    Authority area for needs to be in that category.
    The concessions and framework we have are in place because we are a sports organisation, but since there
    are no competitions or Training & Testing events planned over the winter we are taking the view that model
    flying is not essential at this time for practice or skill development and are recommending that you do not go
    flying and certainly do not cross a county border to reach a flying site.
    SportScotland Information and Resources:
    Scottish Government Guidance on Travel:
    Scottish Government County / Tier Level
    SAA Web site:
    SAA Facebook page:
    We want to confirm that it is not the SAA who have the approval for all member clubs to have up to 30 people
    on site. That responsibility lies with the individual club committees and event organisers.
    Although all the items in the guidance document need to be considered and acted upon, the critical “musthaves” are:
    a) A Covid-19 officer. It is recommended to have one who has passed the on-line test.
    b) A Risk Assessment for your club / competition / event and location
    c) A working “Track and Trace” system including where possible the “Protect Scotland” app on club members’

  • As you’re most probably aware South Lanarkshire council along with most other Council regions in the central belt are moving into Level 4 as of Friday 20/11/20 at 18:00.
    As aeromodelling is classed as a non-contact outdoor sport it is still permitted under Level 4 & the site operating guidelines remain unchanged.New Travel guidelines/restrictions will also apply and these will be enforceable by law at this time. Below is a link to the Scottish Governments website detailing the restrictions and exclusions. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves & comply with the details before attending the flying field.

Dear Member,
As I’m sure you’re aware the current Covid-19 outbreak has put some restrictions on
what we must do to continue using our flying site & remain safe. In order to comply
with current guidance & keep the field open for all we need to follow the additional
guidelines below with immediate effect. Failure to comply means the alternative is
we are restricted to 6 people from 2 households which effectively means only 2
people can attend site at a time.
I’m pleased to say It’s not an exhaustive list & followed correctly should have a
minimal effect on the enjoyment of our hobby.
I’d also ask as this page is very much a work in progress you check back regularly forEKMF Covid-19 Policy as at 10/10/20

  •  All members should familiarise themselves with the Scottish government FACTS
    guidelines and follow them.
  • The Covid-19 page on the club website should be checked for any updates prior to
    attending site.
  • When attending site all members are responsible for having their own sanitising
    supplies & must have as a minimum hand sanitiser & face covering.
  • On arrival at field Hands must be sanitised.
  • The Entrance gate must have any areas that are likely to be touched wiped with
    sanitised before entering or exiting site.
  • A Site attendance log must be maintained for track and trace purposes, so on arrival
    and departure an e-mail must be sent to the Covid-19 officer In the subject bar leave your name & arrived/departed as appropriate (Date and
    times can be taken automatically from the email.)
  • Benches are only to be used for setup/model maintenance purposes and model &
    equipment moved to pits area upon completion (Social distancing to be observed)
  • Max 2 Planes in the air at any time and pilots socially distanced at opposite ends of
    the pilot stance.
  • Hands must be sanitised immediately before/after entering/exiting Caravan
  •  Access to caravan is limited to the following
    1. Removal/return of Seats.
    2. Removal /return of Windsock
    3. Removal/return of Grass box
    4. Checking of Electric Fence Batteries