• Covid-19 page updateDear Member,
    As I’m sure you’re aware the current Covid-19 outbreak has put some restrictions on
    what we must do to continue using our flying site & remain safe. In order to comply
    with current guidance & keep the field open for all we need to follow the additional
    guidelines below with immediate effect. Failure to comply means the alternative is
    we are restricted to 6 people from 2 households which effectively means only 2
    people can attend site at a time.
    I’m pleased to say It’s not an exhaustive list & followed correctly should have a
    minimal effect on the enjoyment of our hobby.
    I’d also ask as this page is very much a work in progress you check back regularly for
    EKMFC Covid-19 Policy as at 10/10/20
  •  All members should familiarise themselves with the Scottish government FACTS
    guidelines and follow them.
  • The Covid-19 page on the club website should be checked for any updates prior to
    attending site.
  • When attending site all members are responsible for having their own sanitising
    supplies & must have as a minimum hand sanitiser & face covering.
  • On arrival at field Hands must be sanitised.
  • The Entrance gate must have any areas that are likely to be touched wiped with
    sanitised before entering or exiting site.
  • A Site attendance log must be maintained for track and trace purposes, so on arrival
    and departure an e-mail must be sent to the Covid-19 officer In the subject bar leave your name & arrived/departed as appropriate (Date and
    times can be taken automatically from the email.)
  • Benches are only to be used for setup/model maintenance purposes and model &
    equipment moved to pits area upon completion (Social distancing to be observed)
  • Max 2 Planes in the air at any time and pilots socially distanced at opposite ends of
    the pilot stance.
  • Hands must be sanitised immediately before/after entering/exiting Caravan
  •  Access to caravan is limited to the following
    1. Removal/return of Seats.
    2. Removal /return of Windsock
    3. Removal/return of Grass box
    4. Checking of Electric Fence Batteries